Jelena Karanović

Anthropologist of digital technologies and media

Intro to Digital Media: Semester Research Proposal

I plan to investigate how cats have altered the development of the internet, and how inter-species animal relationships have been changed by increasing digitization.  I will pay special attention to the protest strategies employed by other animal groups as they react to the disproportionate representation of their feline peers.

My sources will be drawn from a wide range of online forums frequented by cats, giant oversized rabbits, tiny chicks that have just been hatched, rows of ducklings, and sneezing pandas.  I have arranged a Skype interview with a slow loris in 2 weeks, who is the moderator of a forum targeted specifically to animals whose brief fame has faded.

I will also analyze the total ecological footprint of ‘surprised kitty,’ taking into account the server and client hardware, electricity usage, and long-term health effects of repeated viewings.

— by Harvey Nailbiter

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